CCR Liberty Diver in Italy MT Haven
CCR Liberty Diver in Italy MT Haven


08.07 - 15.07



Italy Portofino




Ligurian escapade
MT Haven
U-Boot 455

Get ready for an exhilarating Ligurian escapade, starting in the charming town of Arenzano. Our first stop will be the majestic MT Haven, the crown jewel of Mediterranean shipwrecks. We’ll embark on two thrilling dives into the depths of this fascinating wreck.

Our adventure continues with an exploration of enthralling WWI/WWII shipwrecks nestled around Punta Chiappa and Portofino. Over the course of our six-day diving itinerary, we’ll uncover the mysteries of German submarine chasers Uj2210 and Uj2216, and the Genova – Portofino steamship from the WWI era.

To top it off, we’ll delve into the deep blue to discover U-Boot 455, a German submarine resting at a depth of 120m. This is sure to ignite the passion of every wreck diving enthusiast. Brace yourself for a heart-stopping journey through history and underwater wonder!

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