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Red Sea







Red Sea
Liberty CCR Diving
New Adventure Awaits

Even though many of us have dived Red Sea on an open circuit, the trip in November 2024 will be a completely different experience. There will not be any B-class dives in the afternoon 🙂 We will not only maximize our time at dedicated depth but will fully use the advantage of being silent in the “Kingdom of fish”. Besides stopping at the well-known wreck sites, our goal is to check places that are not on the list of “common” dive routes. We start with 2-hour dives on Thistelgrom and Rosalie Moller to prepare for a deep dive on Gulf Fleet 31, a shipwreck resting at a depth of 100m. On Brother Islands, our CCR Libertie units allow us to wait silently for thresher sharks in the morning and spend two hours on the shipwreck of Numidia in the afternoon. On Elphinstone Reef, we will have enough time to explore the Northern plateau at a depth of 60m and check the Arch at 65m in the afternoon. A week packed with the best dives in the Red Sea with the advantages of CCR.

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